Best Product Bundle Examples : Inspiration for Effective Bundling

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Best Product Bundle Examples : Inspiration for Effective Bundling
Best Product Bundle Examples

The world of retail marketing is a hotbed of creativity and innovation, with companies continuously seeking ways to pique consumer interest and drive sales. One time-tested strategy that's been proven to deliver impressive results is product bundling.

Here we present some stellar examples of product bundling that have set the retail stage ablaze and provided businesses with a competitive edge.

These product bundling examples are a rich source of inspiration for those wanting to leverage the power of effective bundling especially with the WideBundle App.

What is Product Bundling ?

Before diving into our examples, let's refresh our understanding of product bundles. Simply put, bundling involves offering multiple products or services together as a single package, often at a discounted price.

This strategy not only increases the perceived value and convenience for customers, but also bolsters revenue for the business by encouraging customers to purchase more items in a single transaction.

Bundled products can take many forms, from bundling complementary products, offering tiered bundles, providing customizable bundles, to creating limited-time bundle promotions. There are also quantity breaks which refer to a pricing strategy where discounts are offered to customers when they buy larger quantities of a particular product.

For online stores, the bundle strategy is a must. Now, let's explore some product bundling ideas and some of the best examples in various industries !

La Bombilla

La Bombilla, an e-business specializing in the sale of Maté, is a perfect example of Quantity breaks. The company offers a discount when you buy its organic mint mate in packs of 3 or 5, a discount that effectively stimulates sales.

Example of Quantity breaks - La Bombilla


Blinx is a brand of panties and underwear for menstruation. The brand's website also offers 3-packs of period panties at a discount. So instead of spending £45 on 3 pairs of panties, they cost just £30.

Microsoft's Xbox and Game Bundle

When it comes to complementary bundles, few do it better than Microsoft's Xbox. Offering the gaming console bundled with popular games, Microsoft provides customers with a complete entertainment package right out of the box.

This bundle enhances the user experience while simultaneously driving sales of both consoles and games more than the products sold individually.

McDonald's Value Meals

Fast-food giant McDonald's is a master of bundling. Their value meals, which combine a burger, fries, and a drink, have been a staple of their menu for decades.

Not only does this strategy offer a convenient, complete meal for customers, but it also encourages the purchase of multiple items, boosting McDonald's sales and increasing the average order value.

Cable TV, Internet, and Phone Services

Many cable and telecommunications companies bundle their services, offering television, internet, and phone services in one package. These product bundling strategyoffer customers the convenience of having all their telecom needs covered in one bill and often at a lower price than purchasing each service individually.

Adobe's Creative Cloud

Adobe, a leader in creative software, offers its Creative Cloud suite as a bundle. Customers can access a suite of programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign for a single subscription price.

This strategy not only encourages uptake of less popular software, but it also provides customers with a comprehensive toolset to fulfill all their creative needs. This product bundling strategy is a win-win situation for both company and consumer.

Amazon's "Frequently Bought Together"

E-commerce giant Amazon employs a unique bundling strategy through its "Frequently Bought Together" feature. The platform analyzes buying patterns and suggests items that are often purchased together, encouraging customers to add more to their cart for convenience.

Amazon's "Frequently Bought Together"

Apple's iPhone and Accessories Bundle

Apple offers its iPhones bundled with accessories like AirPods and chargers in some markets. These bundles not only attract customers with the convenience of getting all their necessities in one go, but they also boost Apple's overall sales. This also reduces distribution costs for the American company.

Spotify and Hulu

In the entertainment industry, Spotify and Hulu teamed up to offer a bundle deal, providing consumers access to both streaming platforms for a single subscription fee. This partnership expanded the customer base of both services and improved customer retention. With both streaming services combined, brands secure more loyal customers.

Nintendo Switch Bundle

Nintendo often bundles its Switch console with popular games. Nintendo usually includes its greatest hits, such as Mario and Zelda to create product bundles.

The bundled package provides customers with immediate entertainment, driving sales of both the console and the games.

Gillette Razor and Blades

In the personal care sector, Gillette frequently sells its razors in a bundle with extra blades. This provides customers with a ready supply of blades and ensures brand loyalty as consumers are likely to stick with Gillette blades for their Gillette razor.

The reduced price of the bundle is attractive to consumers and increases the company's sales.

Canon Camera and Lens Bundle

Canon often sells cameras bundled with lenses. This strategy helps novice photographers get started without the hassle of choosing compatible lenses and offers seasoned photographers an easy way to expand their lens collection.

Costco's Wholesale Bundles

Retail giant Costco is known for its bulk item bundles, where customers can buy a large quantity of a product or a bundle of different products at discounted prices. This strategy encourages larger purchases, contributing significantly to Costco's impressive sales volume.

Marks & Spencer

This British retailer is known for its "Dine In" meal deals where customers can choose a main dish, a side, a dessert, and a bottle of wine for a fixed price.

This bundling strategy not only offers customers a full meal at a discounted price, but it also encourages them to try different products.

Lush Cosmetics

UK-based Lush offers gift sets that include a variety of their popular bath and body products. These sets are a great way for customers to try multiple products at a discounted price, and they make excellent gifts.


The Swiss company is well known for its bundled offers. They often sell their coffee machines with a set of various coffee capsules. This allows customers to try a range of flavors and discover their favorites.

Implementing Your Own Bundling Strategy

Inspired by these successful examples, businesses might consider implementing their own product bundling strategies. Leveraging ecommerce platforms or specialized bundle apps like WideBundle can help streamline this process.

The WideBundle App allows retailers to quickly create, manage, and modify bundles to cater to customer preferences and boost sales.

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