Increase your conversion rate thanks to the F.O.M.O.

Posted by Nicolas Clary
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Increase your conversion rate thanks to the F.O.M.O.

At the end of this article, you will be able to understand everything about the F.O.M.O, why it is an amazing tool if you want to increase your conversion rate, and how to use it the best way in your daily business life!

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What is the F.O.M.O?

F.O.M.O, or the "Fear of Missing Out," is a psychological phenomenon that has been around for ages. FOMO is a powerful tool in marketing, especially when it comes to increasing conversion rates. It is the anxiety people feel when they think they are missing out on something significant, exciting, or rewarding.

In today's fast-paced digital world, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become primary triggers of FOMO. Users are always on the lookout for the next big thing, the latest trend, and the most happening event. They want to stay connected, informed, and engaged with everything that's happening around them. If they feel like they are missing out on something important, they will quickly lose interest and move on to something else.

How can the F.O.M.O help you to increase your conversion rate?

As a business owner or marketer, you can leverage FOMO to boost your conversion rates significantly. Here are a few ways how:

  1. Create Urgency: One of the most effective ways to use FOMO in marketing is to create a sense of urgency. Limited-time offers, flash sales, and exclusive deals can help create a fear of missing out on an excellent opportunity. People are more likely to take action when they feel like they might lose something valuable.
  2. Use Social Proof: Social proof is a powerful motivator that can help create a sense of FOMO. Testimonials, user reviews, and social media mentions can all be used to showcase the popularity of your product or service. When people see that others are enjoying your product or service, they are afraid to miss the opportunity that so many others already enjoy, so they are more likely to want to try it themselves.
  3. Highlight Scarcity: People are naturally drawn to things that are rare or hard to come by. Highlighting the limited availability of your product or service can create a sense of FOMO. For example, if you're selling a limited edition product, make sure you emphasize that there are only a few left in stock.
  4. Offer Exclusivity: People want to feel like they're part of an exclusive club. Offering exclusive access to products, events, or services can create a sense of FOMO. For example, offering early access to a new product launch can create a sense of exclusivity that will make people want to buy.

In conclusion, the fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful psychological trigger that can be used to increase conversion rates. By creating urgency, using social proof, highlighting scarcity, and offering exclusivity, you can leverage FOMO to create a sense of excitement and urgency that will motivate people to take action. Just be careful not to overuse FOMO, as it can quickly become annoying and turn people off. Use it sparingly and strategically, and you'll see a significant increase in your conversion rates.

How to use F.O.M.O. in your shopify store?

  1. Use Countdown Timers: A countdown timer can be used to create urgency and a sense of scarcity. You can add a countdown timer to your product page or cart page to show how much time is left before a sale or discount ends.

  2. Display Social Proof: Social proof refers to the idea that people are more likely to buy a product if they see that others have already purchased it. You can display social proof in your Shopify store by showing customer reviews, ratings, or testimonials.

  3. Highlight Limited Stock: If you have limited stock of a product, make sure to highlight this fact on your product page. This can create a sense of urgency and encourage people to buy before the product sells out.

  4. Offer Limited-Time Sales: Limited-time sales can create a sense of urgency and encourage people to buy before the sale ends. Make sure to prominently display the sale on your website and create a sense of scarcity by highlighting that the sale is for a limited time only.

  5. Use Exit-Intent Popups: Exit-intent popups are a great way to capture the attention of people who are about to leave your website. You can use an exit-intent popup to offer a discount or free shipping to encourage people to complete their purchase before they leave.

By implementing some or all of these tactics in your Shopify store, you can create a sense of F.O.M.O. that can encourage people to buy from your store.

How can WideBundle help you to put the F.O.M.O in your shop?

With WideBundle you can display customize sentences above or below the title of your offer :

With this deadline visible on your offer, you create urgency and your visitor will be afraid to miss this opportunity. You can also add a “blinking effect” on this sentence to make it appear and then disappear to show more to your visitor that this special offer will not be available for a long time!

(You can also display a limited stock available, it also works well!)

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